Complete Appointments Reminder ...
Client Services Booking Invoice Payment Actioning & Direct Marketing System
  • More Than An Ordinary Appointments Reminder System
  • Client To Company Communication Via Smart Phone
  • Issue Payment Reminders, Maximizing & Stabilizing Revenues
  • Increase Client Interaction, Eliminate Missed Appointments & Late Payments
  • Multiple Client Marketing Communication Campaigns
The Digital Marketing Appointment Reminder system provides companies with the functionality to experience and facilitate hiyher degrees of contact as well as two way communication with clients. This is achieved all by making use of Mobile Phone Based SMS, browser notification as well as being able to send direct emails through to clients. It can be further stated that with the platform in use for businesses; the business can now be made use of to Confirm Customer Appointments & Bookings. In addition to this the system can be used for direct customer communication marketing.
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